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The HMPLB in conversation with is a series of conversations with interesting people active in the fields of hemp, sustainability and entrepreneurship, to provide you with, what we think, is the most valuable product: Knowledge.

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HMPLB In Conversation

With Jeroen Bos - Textile


We had an inspiring conversation with Jeroen Bos. Jeroen was responsible for the development of a sustainable technology on an industrial scale to make bast fibers such as hemp suitable for textile production, for the Swedish interior retailer IKEA. In the beginning of his career he worked for Nike as a textile developer and has now been working in this field for 10 years. Jeroen has gained unique expertise in working with bast fibers since he started at Netl .: a Dutch company that has developed textile products based on nettles. 

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HMPLB in conversation

with Linde Snijders -


 We had an interesting conversation with Linde Snijders, manager @HempFlax, responsible for textile applications within HempFlax. Linde herself has also made some prototypes and thus has expertise in working with hemp material. She is an overall enthusiast about this wonderful plant and works with multiple partners from different industries working with hemp.

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